The following stations are for student use when students enroll in the "Hands On Program".

Students must attend the training center for the "Hands On Program".

Station #1: "Electrical/Electronic 500"

Build over 40 electrical circuits using wiring schematics and a DMM. Transistors, diodes, photo cell, and a potentiometer.  Volts, Amps, Ohms, & Voltage Drop!

Station #2: "Electrical/Electronic 750"

Build over 100 electrical circuits (Series & Parallel) using pictorial schematics. Transistors, diodes, fan, LED, rectifier, buzzer, and a relay.

Station #3: "Circuit Board Troubleshooting"

Diagnose over 100 circuit faults covering "Opens", "Shorts", & many other conditions. Relay circuit operation & faults.  Digital Multi Meter use and Electrical Wiring Schematics.

Station #4: "Vehicle Electrical System Analysis"

Basic electrical checks on a 12 volt automotive electrical system using a Digital Multi Meter.

Station #5: "Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting"

Electrical Principles, DMM, How Circuits Work, Battery Circuits, Cranking Circuits, Charging Circuits, Reading Schematic Diagrams

Station #6: "Virtual Academy"

Topics include Multiplexing, Sensors, Direct Fuel Injection, Ignition Systems, Emissions, Essential Electrical Skills, Principles of Oscilloscopes, ABS, and Hybrid/Plug in Hybrid.

Station #7: "Midtronics"

Battery testing/charging using the EXP-1200.

Station #8: "Brake Station"

Students will use a Dial Indicator, Micrometer, and Brake Line Flaring Tools.

Station #9:


Station #10:


Station #11:


Station #12: